More about Israeli’s crimes


For more about Israeli’s crimes  click here

4 responses to “More about Israeli’s crimes

  1. Definitely Israel have committed humanity criimes against Palestinians and many hostilities against other Arab lands as well . Also she has and she still ignoring the international community and the UN council decisions which could be considered as a crime on itself.

    But what about crimes committed by palestinians against their compatriots ? Who requested the vote on Goldstone’s report aren’t they the Palestinians themselves?

    Who is assaulting who? And who is betraying who? Isn’t it a worth-investigating issue as well

  2. actually this war was horrioble and it effect on me too much.through the war i didnt sleep at night i live asi expect y death in every second

  3. محمد شعلان

    ان ما يحدث لاخواننا الان في ارض فلسطين وبالتحديد في ارض غزه علي ايدي الصهاينه والملاحده لهو خير دليل علي بعد هذه الامه عن ربهاوعدم تمسكها بتعاليم دينها وصرنا كما وصفنا كغثاء السيل نسئل الله ان يبدل احوالنا وان ينصر اخواننا وان يردنا الي ديننا مردا جميلا….

  4. لله الأمر من قبل ومن بعد

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