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?Do you realize now what terrorism is

?Do you realize now what terrorism is

Terrorism is actions that are intended to create fear ,panic and terror by a group of people that have certain thoughts and goals they want to achieve ,but they are sick of being ignored by people around them ,so they start  using violence , Property destruction  , threats and killing of innocent people with no consideration of human rights, dignity and even life ,using detructive means just to attain their goals

إقرأ المزيد

Palestine Guinness Book of World Records

Translated by: Adib S. Kawar As

Guinness World Records contains the most outstanding novelties, miracles, marvels, wonders and prodigies that formed world records in their fields, and as the Zionist entity has a characteristic of its own that no state in the world beats it, and “excels” it and conventional in practices and performances as being an “international innovation” unprecedented in world order and international law, that overstepped laws, practices, customs and conventions in its establishments and rise, its rights and obligations.

إقرأ المزيد