Children ‘paying price of Gaza war’


More  than 300 children have been killed and hundreds more wounded in Israel’s aerial and ground assault, Ann Veneman, Unicef’s executive director, said in a statement released on Wednesday.

She said: “Each day more children are being hurt, their small bodies wounded, their young lives shattered. This is tragic. This is unacceptable

As fighting reaches the heart of heavily populated urban areas, the impact of lethal weapons will carry an even heavier toll on children

10 responses to “Children ‘paying price of Gaza war’

  1. حسام الاخرس

    this is shame israHell try to demolition childhood

  2. where r u people
    we must unite against Israraeal
    we,re not terrorists all the world must know that
    what did those innocent children do?

  3. fourthreichisrael

    Gaza, Gaza, I weep for thee
Gaza, Gaza, how I wish these tears could fly
Kiss your wounded, martyred, shell shocked
I watch the carnage, hell fire, like rain, falls
On your lavender fields, strewn with martyrs

  4. fuck weld fuck isreal why do war with children of plisatine but ther are god

  5. i hik you israiel

  6. سنريهم يوم كيوم الأحزاب

  7. احمد الشمري

    بعري يا اسرائيل ….
    هين هين والله يفرجها يامسلمين

  8. حتى الاطفال لم يسلموو من ظلم العدوان الاسرائيلي ,,, حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  9. فعلاً كلامك صحيح
    خليكم معنا وتركو الاطفال ما ذنبهم
    حتى الاطفال لم يسلموو

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