Palestine Guinness Book of World Records

Translated by: Adib S. Kawar As

Guinness World Records contains the most outstanding novelties, miracles, marvels, wonders and prodigies that formed world records in their fields, and as the Zionist entity has a characteristic of its own that no state in the world beats it, and “excels” it and conventional in practices and performances as being an “international innovation” unprecedented in world order and international law, that overstepped laws, practices, customs and conventions in its establishments and rise, its rights and obligations.

Guinness World Records is requested to take a visit Palestine to collect what the Zionist state of Israel had exclusivity done and publish them in a special issue… In this case world records are in abundance, and novelties, miracles, marvels, wonders and prodigies that are not equaled or beaten world wide, and to start with:

It is the only entity in the world that was recognized as member in the United Nation on conditions that had never materialized and not even a single one of them had been executed up till now. · It is the only entity in the world that does not have specified boundaries with its neighboring countries. Menahem Begin, an ex prime Minister of the Zionist entity once said “our boundaries are where our soldiers reached”!

It is the only entity in the world that doesn’t have a full and written constitution that specifies its goals and policies, it is an entity without a constitution The only entity in the world that is open for all and only Jewish refugees, who come to and colonize it on the cost of expelling the indigenous Palestinian Arab population from their homes and land, on the excuse of being a Jewish state that is open only and exclusively for the world Jewry to settle in it, on the excuse of being a state for the Jews from all parts of the world.

It is the only entity in the world that occupiers legislates laws to justify legalizing repression, terrorism, torture and massacring against Palestinian and other Arab prisoners of war. It is the only entity in the world that legalizes the murdering of babies, old men and women and unarmed civilians, and justifies all murderous action, and is led away free from punishment in spite of all their crimes and illegal, inhuman action and mass massacres. It is the only entity in the world that gives itself the right to produce and use atomic weapons, without control or observation specialized organizations and the United Nations at large, and also use internationally banned weapons.

It is the only entity in the world that legislate laws to justify the confiscation privately owned land of the occupied people and expel the indigenous population from their land and properties. · It is the only entity in the world that doesn’t have a people but an army, and thus within hours all of them officially become uniformed soldiers.

It is the only entity in the world that the confiscators consider themselves to be superior to everybody else, and are the chosen people and supreme over the rest of the human race, thus they have rights that others shouldn’t. · It is the only entity in the world where the holy places of others are desecrated and are changed for lowly uses such as stables, bars and nightclubs while the whole world look but never complain or take a move to stop such actions and/or be condemned and made to pay for.

It is the only entity in the world where Zionist Jewish actions deserves to be registered in the Guinness World Records book. And here we have other new titles for recording in the Guinness World Records: The oldest war prisoner in the world: War prisoner, Said Al-Atabeh, that had already spent 31 years in enemy prisons, thus he is the oldest war prisoner in the world, no other war prisoner or political detainee had ever been detained for a longer period of time the him, not even Nelson Mandela who spent only 26 years, and the assassinator of President John F. Canady who had been in prison for 28 years.

By the end of 2007 there were 232 war prisoners who already had spent more the 15 years in enemy prisons, there are 73 war prisoner that had spent behind bar more then 20 years, and 10 who had spent more then quarter of a century behind bars … the names of who are subject to be recorded in the Guinness World Records book!!!!

The largest prison in the world After being surrounded by a separation wall, the Palestinian West Bank and the Gaza Strip became the largest prison in the world, area wise and containing the largest number of prisoners in modern history. Its walls are three times longer then the Berlin wall, and two meters higher, constructed with concrete, with an average height of 8 -9 meters and extending to 750 kms: About three and half million people live in between these walls spread through out in tens of cities and hundreds of villages.

A cabinet ministers and elected members of parliament behind bars There are 7 members of the Palestinian cabinet and 40 M.Ps of the elected legislative council members behind the Zionist enemy’s bars. The youngest baby martyr to be killed by enemy forces was ten days old, thus the youngest victim in the world.

A people about 40% of whose citizens were arrested: 700,000 Palestinian citizens in occupied Palestine 1967 were at least arrested once, and put behind bars of the enemy occupation prisons since 1967, that is one in 4 of Palestinians still inside Palestine.

And if we take into consideration that most of those are men, this means 42% of the total number. The Youngest war Prisoner in the world: Occupation prisons contains the youngest prisoner who is not 13 years old. The biggest number of bullet in the body of a 13 years old girl: A 13 years old girl was shut with 30 bullets!!!!

The girl was on her way to school when she was hit by a sniper’s bullet, his officer looked at her and emptied the 30 bullets that were in his gun… When soldiers under his command complained, he was put on a fictitious trial the ended in acquitting him from spilling her blood, as was the case with Muhammad Adurrah who was cold bloodedly killed while trying to hide in his father’s lap, and whose killing was seen live on TV screens throughout the world, but still Zionist are still trying to put the blame on Palestinian Arab resistance for his death.

The biggest number places of worship to be profaned: 200 mosques in 1948 occupied Palestine were profaned by being used as bars, night clubs, dancing halls, restaurants, residential apartments and in some of them indecent films were shot.

Arrested school and university students: Enemy detention camps and prisons contains 1175 female and male students, among whom 330 are less then 18 years old0 Closed schools and universities: 12 universities and schools were closed by military orders only during 2006, while teaching in 1125 schools and educational institutions of all levels was halted due to Zionist aggression.

Bombarded educational institutions: 359 educational institutions including schools, management offices and universities were bombarded during 2006 alone, and 43 schools were converted to military camps. Students shot and killed by occupation forces: 848 university and school students fell martyrs as a result of being shut and killed by occupation forces. 4792 male and female university and school students along with employees were wounded by occupation forces shooting.

Number of uprooted trees: While Zionist propaganda claims that Palestine was a sandy strip of land before its occupation, occupation forces contributed greening Palestine as follows: 13,572,896 trees were uprooted, 14,829 agricultural stores were demolished, 788 poultry farms and animal barns were demolished along with their equipment and machinery.

14829 goats and sheep were killed as a result of occupation operations. 16,549 bee hives were destroyed, 425 wells and their equipment and accessories were destroyed. 207 farmer’s houses were demolished with their furniture destroyed. All only in 2006.

The highest percentage of poverty in the world: As a result of occupation and siege and on the bases of surveys 75% of Palestinians in occupied Palestine were living under the line of poverty. Check points and sudden attacks: 5001 military check points were put by occupations forces most of which are not permanent, while there are 762 permanent check points.

The biggest number of roadblocks for taxi drivers: Taxi drivers has to try to go round the biggest number of roadblocks by using different types of go around roads to avoid roadblocks to try to reach their destinations to avoid hours long delays.
The first in apartheid application: Differentiating between residents in occupied Palestine on religious bases: Occupied Palestine experiences the worst type of apartheid (ethnic cleansing and ethnic separation) in today’s world. Water consumption: Palestinian Arabs are allocated less then 50 cubic meters of water per person against 2400 cubic meters for each Jew per year, which is drawn from the West Bank water sources, that is 42 times more per Jew compared to Arabs.

Income per capita among Jews in the Zionist entity is 30 times more than that of Palestinian Arabs, and in spite of that Arabs are obliges to pay the same prices as those paid by Jews. Figures are not limited to that. The number of books written about the Palestinian cause: The number of books written about the Palestinian is bigger than on any other cause that international resolutions were passed for.

Media and news casts mentions matters related to the Palestinian cause more then about any cause in modern history, The cause on which the biggest number of talk shows, conferences, discussions, demonstrations and threats were made, And the cause about which facts were counterfeited, doubts made, rumors spread and lies made.

The most densely populated area in the world is the Gaza strip, 4,118 people/km2 (10,665/sq mi) In spite of the lies made by Zionist propaganda that Palestine was before the Zionist invasion and occupation was noyhing more the a sandy strip of land it is country where the biggest number of fruit bearing trees were uprooted.

And where liberty of movement is worst. Where education is interrupted most, The most difficult for students to reach their schools and return safe to their homes, The biggest number of military road blocks are built in the world. The biggest number of charity societies are closed, 70 were closed in 2007, after freezing and stealing their reseves.

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  1. حسام الاخرس

    Thank you for the beautiful work of interpretation of the facts

  2. well, i never needed to read the guiness book to know how IsraHell was and is ever ! ..
    i apprecuiate viewing the blog
    least you have done something towards whats happening..thank you

    count me in ..


  3. اللهم اهدنى الى ما تحب وترضى
    أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له وأشهد أن محمداً عبده ورسوله
    كيف يكون لك في كل كلمة شجرة في الجنة , قل : سبحان الله والحمد لله ولا إله إلا الله والله أكبر
    كيف يغفر لك الله ذنوبك , ردد : أستغفر الله العظيم الذي لا إله إلا هو الحي القيوم وأتوب إليه 3 مرات
    كيف يرضيك الله , ردد : رضيت بالله ربا ً وبالإسلام دينا ً وبمحمد نبيا ً ورسولا ً 3 مرات
    كيف تكسب أجر عدد الخلق وثقل العرش ورضاء الله ومداد كلماته تعالى, ردد سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه
    كيف تكسب عن كل مسلم ومسلمة ومؤمن ومؤمنة حسنة , قل : اللهم اغفر للمسلمين المسلمات والمؤمنين
    كيف تغفر لك ذنوبك وإن كانت كزبد البحر , ردد: سبحان الله وبحمده 100 مرة
    كيف تكسب مثل عرش الرحمن حسنات , ردد : سبحان الله وبحمده زنة عرشه
    كيف تكسب ألف حسنة وتحط عنك ألف سيئة , ردد: سبحان الله 100 مره
    كيف تكسب أجر قراءة القرآن كاملاَ ً, ردد : سورة الإخلاص 3 مرات
    كيف يكون لك بيت في الجنة , ردد : سورة الإخلاص 10 مرات
    كيف يكون لك كنز في الجنة , قل : لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله
    كيف تغرس لك نخلة في الجنة , قل : سبحان الله العظيم وبحمده
    (اللهم أنت ربي لا إله إلا أنت، خلقتني وأنا عبدُك وأنا على عهدك ووعدك ما استطعت، أعوذ بك من شر ما صنعت، أبوء لك بنعمتك عليَّ وأبوء لك بذنبي، أغفر لي فإنه لا يغفر الذنوب إلا انت)

  4. fourthreichisrael

    A Country Is Recognized By It’s Borders… IsraHELL Has No Defined
    Israel is the only country in the world with undeclared borders.
    It has kept that status to give itself maximum latitude to annex all
    the territory it can toward the greater goal of “Eretz Israel.”

  5. world should be shamefull for Palestine

  6. صح %100
    كيف تكسب ألف حسنة وتحط عنك ألف سيئة

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