?Do you realize now what terrorism is

?Do you realize now what terrorism is

Terrorism is actions that are intended to create fear ,panic and terror by a group of people that have certain thoughts and goals they want to achieve ,but they are sick of being ignored by people around them ,so they start  using violence , Property destruction  , threats and killing of innocent people with no consideration of human rights, dignity and even life ,using detructive means just to attain their goals

?Do you realize now what terrorism is

?Do you really realize who are terrorizing people and acting like innocent

Zionism has destroyed ,crushed and burnt every innocent child ,mother and unarmed man in Palestine just to settle in a land that doesn’t belong to them at the first place , and accused them by terrorism for defending their land !!

Zionists are using powerful and destructive weapons to eliminate all kinds of life in Palestine just like Hitler who wanted to eliminate them long time ago .As they were treated by Nazis , as they are treating Palestinian people now  ,no wonder Hitler wanted so bad to put an end to them ,because he knew who they really are

In addition to these facts ,do you think of  Zionism as  peace-keeping forces and

?Palestinians are the ones who makes the war gets worse

?Who are the terrorists now

Don’t take your sight away of these views , but feel the pain and the suffer they are experiencing now .what would you do if you lost your child in a sanguinary way just like this figure ? would you cry? Become insane ? suicide ? or be patient because nowadays people are selfish and they never care what your are facing during the war and  the war will?never be stopped

Nevertheless  , after all these murders, Muslims strongly believe in god and still have patience  for the ones they have lost for the sake of their precious

land ,in spite the fact that (IsraHell) have made the world  unsecured and supported by the strongest country that acting like peace keeper .

“peace is never attained by murder ,destruction and violence “

I ask every single person that still has conscious to stop keeping silent of watching these crimes ,we are all human beings and responsible to stop the bloodshed because if we didn’t  do anything in respect of their crimes, someday Israelis will be stronger and grow on humanity account  ,just like what they are doing with Gaza’s people and maybe worse

” Zionists should stop their crimes , and the world should stop supporting them”

مدونة مفنودة

7 responses to “?Do you realize now what terrorism is

  1. طبعا ندرك الان … لطالما كنا ندرك

  2. fourthreichisrael

    Terrorism, is israHELL

  3. Terrorism and Zionism is both side of a coin which called israel

    Extra hot links about Mahmood Abbas, israhell and Al-Qaeda


    Sir Sadegh H. Nia

  4. لآ حول ولا قوة الا بالله

    لا شيء اخر بيدنا

  5. لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله

    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

    نشر الموضوعات الإنجليزية في هذا الموقع في منتديات

  6. يجب الاهتمام بكتابة موضوعات بالانجليزية فطالما و نحن نحاور أنفسنا و تاريخنا يسلب بعد أن سلبت أرضنا و تشوه الحقائق .. المساعدة في نشر الحقيقة أصبحت في متناول كل شخص منا .. كل ما تحتاجه ساعة واحدة فان لم تستطع أن تترجم موضوعا فسيكون رائعا أيضا أن تنقل موضوعا بالانجليزية و تنشره .. على صفحتك بالفيس بوك .. على المواقع المختلفة .. ضعه كتعليق على خبر له علاقة بالشأن الاسرائيلي أو العربي في المواقع الاخبارية الهامة … نستطيع و الله أن نحدث تغييرا كبيرا باذن الله .. جزاكم الله خيرا..

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